External Maintenance Valet

Approximately 1 hr from £30 (prices vary on size of car and distance travelled)

Treat your car to one of our regular Safe Maintenance Washes, preventing any minor scratching that is easily caused by incorrect washing techniques. All finished off with P64 Gloss enhancement treatment. Not a dangerous sponge or chamois leather in site

  • All wheels cleaned with a PH neutral wheel cleaner to remove baked on brake dust
  • All external surfaces treated with a gentle citrus based degreaser to soften all dirt
  • Power rinsed
  • Pre Wash Snow Foam bath with our signature Magifoam pre wash foaming agent and applied with a Foaming Lance
  • 2 bucket safe surface wash with “Scythe” Lambswool mitt using PH neutral Purple Velvet Shampoo 
  • Single coat of Top Gloss wax drying aid
  • Hand-dried using 'deep pile' microfibre drying towels for a scratchless dry finish
  • Layer of P64 gloss enhancement sealant applied to remove all water marks and give your ride the “Hypergloss” finish that really will make your car stand out from the crowd.
  • Tyres cleaned, and protected with Endurance Gel
  • Exterior windows and mirrors cleaned and polished

Why not upgrade to an Inside Out package for an additional £20 and get your interior also treated to:

  • Carpets cleaned with "Fab" uplholstery cleaner and vacuumed
  • Floor mats vacuumed and cleaned
  • Dash and door trims cleaned and dressed
  • Internal windows cleaned
  • Leather seats cleaned with specialist leather cleaner and conditioner
  • Spray of “Heaven Scent” air freshener