New Car Protection Package

Approximately 3 hours work from £160 (prices vary on size of car and distance travelled)

Your new car is probably the second most expensive item you will ever buy. Why not get it sealed and protected by a professional using approved techniques and the finest products to protect and reflect that perfect finish that you have invested so much money in? Your dealer will no doubt have tried to up sell you a "paint protection package"  please speak to me first to discuss your options for using superior products applied in the correct way at a significantly reduced cost. Save yourself ££££

A standard New car protection package includes the following

  • All wheels cleaned with a PH neutral wheel cleaner
  • All external surfaces treated with a gentle citrus based degreaser to soften all dirt
  • Power rinsed
  • Pre Wash Snow Foam bath with our famous Magifoam pre wash foaming agent and applied with a Foaming Lance
  • 2 bucket safe surface wash with “Scythe” Lambswool mitt using PH neutral Purple Velvet Shampoo 
  • Hand-dried using 'deep pile' microfibre drying towels for a scratchless dry finish
  • Paintwork decontaminated using safe fall out remover
  • Paintwork “Clayed” to remove any engrained contaminants or overspray, both are very common on new vehicles from the storage and transportation process.
  • Paint work cleansed to remove any remaining products
  • Layer of Bodyguard 9h Ceramic Coating providing 12 months protection. Can be upgraded to 2,3,5 and 7 year Ceramic Coating please contact for a quotation.
  • External windows cleaned and polished and sealed with Glassguard repelant
  • Wheels sealed with layer of Bodyguard Ceramic Coating
  • Wheels sealed with wax coating
  • Tyres and exterior plastics cleaned, conditioned and protected