Ceramic Coating Packages

Our most popular and affordable packages new for 2019 providing protection to your paintwork and unbelievable gloss levels. All products are Coating Farm Ceramic Coatings and I have been trained in the application of each meaning that I am an accredited CFC Detailer. These packages take approximately 2-3 Hrs Work  (prices vary on size of car and distance travelled) I also offer 2, 3,5 and 7 year Ceramic Coating Packages. Please contact directly for a quote and more information on these.

Each Wax Valet Package includes the following;

  • All wheels cleaned with a PH neutral wheel cleaner to remove baked on brake dust
  • All external surfaces treated with a gentle citrus based degreaser to soften all dirt
  • Power rinsed
  • Pre Wash Snow Foam bath with our famous Magifoam pre wash foaming agent and applied with a Foaming Lance
  • 2 bucket safe surface wash with “Scythe” Lambswool mitt using PH neutral Purple Velvet Shampoo 
  • Single coat of Top Gloss wax drying aid
  • Hand-dried using 'deep pile' microfibre drying towels for a scratchless dry finish
  • Tyres cleaned, conditioned and protected
  • Exterior windows and mirrors cleaned and polished and sealed with Glass Guard 6 month water repelant
  • Exhaust tailpipe cleaned and polished

3 Month Ceramic Coating Package - A layer of Bodyguard Glass Coat Sprayable Ceramic Coating providing approximately 3 months protection and astonishing gloss levels. 7h Hardness providing a harder clear coating than your standard car paint Prices from £80

6 Month Ceramic Coating Package - A layer of Ceramic Queen Sprayable Ceramic Coating with durability of 6 months, previously known as our "Winter Protection Package". Providing stunning shine and hydrohobic behaviour. 7h Hardness providing a harder clear coating than your standard car paint. Also Includes Wheels coated to protect against brake dust and road grime. Prices from £100

12 Month Ceramic Coating Package - A layer of Bodyguard Ceramic Coating which is a 9h product meaning that it provides outstanding scratch resistance being 50% harder than most car paints. Also providing astounding levels of gloss and colour depth and a durability of 1 year. Also Includes wheels Prices from £160